Born in Akita Prefecture in Northern Japan, Chef Enomoto was interested in the culinary arts at a young age. He moved to Tokyo and in 1958 he entered the Tokiwa-ya company, supplier to the Imperial Household Agency (office to the Emperor and Empress and other Imperial Family), where under the  tutelage and guidance of Grand Chef Ryozo Satoh he starts his   education and training obtaining his license cook certificate in 1960.
In 1965 he travels to Caracas, Venezuela as the Japanese Embassy's attache and later that year to the Embassy in  Bucharest, Romania. To further his cooking career Chef Enomoto moves to Paris, France where he becomes a classical trained French chef. He practiced his new skills in France and soon retires from the Japanese Embassy to look for better opportu­nities.
He goes back to Caracas in 1971 to open Kamon Restaurant, Venezuela's first Japa­nese restaurant with much accolade.  With this success, in 1978 he opens Avila Tei Res­taurant, which is a fine cuisine Japanese res­taurant which these days is still open under Chef Enomoto majority partner. In 1984 Chef Enomoto travels to New Jersey on a new horizon as the Head Chef of Tokyo Restaurant  for many years.
​Chef Enomoto and his family travel to sunny South Florida and in 1991      establish Sushi Chef Japanese  Restaurant where in the be­ginning was a  Japanese market and a few tables for lunch. As the years went by Sushi Chef has grown to be one of Miami's  hidden treasures for locals to get their   Japanese food. Sushi Chef and Chef Enomoto has been amazing its customers with Miami’s best Japanese dishes for over 24 years.

Fusao Enomoto - Executive Chef & Owner